We're still at Dana's birthday party, Ricardo just punched Hagen, and now they're having a bit of a brawl.
 photo e.png
Go on, Hagen, straddle that sexy doctor You'll notice Andi, Sascha and Dana's Dad all seem eager to stop it, while Olli's happy to just watch with the girls [/what stereotypes?]

In other news, Caro needs yet more supportive advice, as her drama with her dickish boyfriend and even dickisher twin sister gets bigger.
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And you know Olli, never one to turn down a coffee and a chance to look handsome.
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But some say his approach to making people smile is overly literal...
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That's really the only Olli we've had so far this week, but Sascha's been a bit more busy as his life o' crime comes back to cause trouble, because there's a very unpleasant man in Emilio's van waiting who threatens Andi.
 photo f.png
Remember that deal that went wrong for Andi and Sascha where Policeman Frank found out and they lost Olli his job? Well, turns out this guy "Mütze" (i.e., "Beanie" as in the hat) was also negatively affected by the police finding out, and now he wants revenge~
 photo g.png
Andi tries the "I never even wanted to do it, it was nasty old Sascha being a bad influence on me"-number, but of course world-wise crim Mütze is too clever to fall for tha- Oh, wait, no, he agrees to leave Andi alone as long as Andi brings him to find Sascha.
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Sascha is not happy to see him, and when Mütze says he has a job for them, Sascha refuses. Mütze says they have to, Sascha tries to get Andi out of at least, and Andi tries to run away. When Mütze eventually leaves, Andi falls right back into "this is all your fault, why am I so easily led astray~". I can only assume this excuse worked really really well for Andi when he was 17 or so, and so he's stuck with it since without realising that it makes him sound like an immature moron now.
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In a reversal from their usual roles, Sascha plans to go to Policeman Frank and tell him everything, while Andi thinks they should go ahead with the scheme. (I wonder if Andi will remember this afterwards? Or will it just be "boohoohoo, naughty Sascha, wah wah I was scared of the man who threatened to put my hand in the sandwich toaster and kill my girlfriend"?) And Sascha says okay. Because he is a good friend.
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Then, when they're in a car full of stolen phones, suddenly Policeman Frank turns up. So they try to look inconspicuous.
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Good job, Andi. Anyway, they realise there's a whole load of undercover cops there and it's a set-up...!! [/cliffhanger]