In the gap between yesterday's episode and today's, Olli has become so impressed with his new skill of breaking wood in half that he's basically smashed up everything in the vicinity that wasn't nailed down. Sascha tells him it really is enough now and he should stop, and that he's proud of Olli and everything but no, really, that's enough, and thankfully is eventually able to distract him with a sandwich.
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With Olli's hunger sated, they have a little chat about how it was Olli's fault that his marriage is over (Sascha "No, it's not") because he was the one who cheated (Sascha "Yeah, but so did Christian"), and Olli thought it would last forever (Sascha "Apparently everybody else did too, no one could foresee the inexplicable employability of a television host who can't read aloud"). Then they decide to start sorting out stuff they need for the new old No Limits, and Sascha just hopes Olli won't get excited about showing off his new skill and smash up all the furniture in the bar or something.
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Slight problem, Tristan has found out about the new opening of the new old No Limits and because he owns the rights to the name, he gets all territorial and dickish and says they can't open. Andi says he's just bitter because Andi and Sascha got the old new No Limits shut down, and Tristan says he's even more convinced to keep the name himself now because of that painfully finesse-less reminder of the plot. Which isn't fair, because Olli gave the name to Tristan before, it's not like he bought it, and Tristan was just as much to blame for the old new No Limits shutting down as Andi and Sascha were really, but he's an evil bastard, so what more can you expect?
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Sascha, Andi and Bella try and come up with a solution, but just end up arguing, meanwhile Olli sits looking sad :( Their conclusion is the name will simply have to change, but Olli's putting his foot down. He's lost his husband, his job, and most of the bones in his right hand, he is not losing the name of his café/pub/bar! (...I'm never exactly sure what to describe the old-now-new No Limits as.) So he goes off to take down Tristan.
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He opens his heart to Tristan, tells him about the divorce, tells him No Limits is his life, and, more than that, it's an institution in Düsseldorf, and he has to keep the name. Tristan hasn't really got time for this soppiness, but offers to play him for it. If Olli wins, he gets to keep "No Limits", if Tristan wins, he gets to think of a new name for it.
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In contrast to when Ansgar plays on the billiards table in VL, where he literally just makes the balls clack together as much as possible and never pots anything, they are at least recognisably playing pool - a pleasant surprise for me. Anyway, yeah, Olli loses. Tristan is smug about this, he plans to hang the No Limits sign over his bed and comes up with a few new options for Olli - "Mummy's Bar", "Olli's Schnitzel", and "Olli's Greasy Hole".
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Olli promptly asks for a rematch, offering a 20% share of the profits as incentive.
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Back at the flat, things are tense as they went for news from this momentous event on which so much in their lives hinges.
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But Olli did it! He won! Because he can do everything, someone clever taught him that *knowing glance at Sascha* *little karate chop of sign* Awww.