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Olli, Sascha and Andi are working on getting the new old No Limits ready for opening, and Andi discovered a box of mementos from the old days. These include a lucky statuette thing that Christian and Olli bought in Paris, some table football balls Christian and Olli bought in New York, and the condom from the first time Christian and Olli shagged.
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All these memories made Olli sad, so he left, and Sascha begins to see the problem in their "let's get the old No Limits back for Olli to cheer him up" plan (remember, the plan...I know it was about a month ago, but stick with it) - all of it is making him miserable.
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Andi's thoughts are probably more along the lines of "Oh it's a shame Olli decided to go, maybe he needed a wee? ...I will remember to ask him about that time he and Christian went for a wee together by that pond... Anyway, if we don't get moving No Limits will never open, that would be sad."
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Olli went to look at his photo album.
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Cue lots of flashbacks to Chrolli in happier times, with Andi as a voiceover explaining to Sascha the history of Olli and Christian. Which is a bit weird, given he wasn't around for when they got together or anything, but never mind. Andi says he thought Olli and Christian would last forever, he can't believe it's over.
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Sascha says he could at least try and be a tiny bit more tactful in front of Olli, rather than constantly mentioning things that are to do with Christian, and how great everything was when Christian was here, and doesn't everyone just miss the pants off Christian. Especially as Olli hasn't even signed the contract for the new old No Limits yet.
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Sascha nominates himself as the more tactful one again (which went well last time) and goes to Olli's room to tell him that Andi was being a bit of an idiot earlier. Which I think is basically a summary of every VL episode ever, but what can you do? Olli is grateful that at least it made it clear that he can never run No Limits again because everything reminds him of Christian. Nothing Sascha could ever say will convince him otherwise. Challenge Accepted[/Barney Stinson]
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In the kitchen Olli tries to pour himself a nice coffee, because caffeine is a known cure for heartache. Or drowsiness. I always get those two confused. Anyway, Sascha gets very jealous because the cup Olli is drinking from is actually Christian's and from now on to prevent Olli being unnecessarily reminded of Christian, only Sascha-approved items may pass Olli's lips. He tries to get Olli to sign a contract to this effect and it would be tremendously hypocritical for Olli not to agree, so naturally he tears it up and storms out of the flat.
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Olli comes back and says he's sorry. He just doesn't know how to function without Christian and his mugs - Christian was there for everything important things in his life these past few years except finding his sister, and vandalising LCL, and lying to the police, and everything else that happened in the last two years I suppose, and he doesn't know how he'll cope on his own. Sascha tells Olli he isn't alone, and brings him some Sascha-sanctioned beer to put in his mouth.
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The next morning, too early for Olli, basically in the middle of the night, although it's light, and people are heading to work, and I think probably The Jeremy Kyle Show was already on, Sascha has prepared something for Olli.
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Sascha wants Olli to break a wooden plank in two with his bear hands. Sascha does it once to demonstrate, then it's Olli's turn. I do admire VL's ability to switch from being sweet to slightly surreal in but a few moments.
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Yeah, so Olli hurt his hand.
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But no worries, Sascha talks him into having a second go. Just one more. Because Sascha believes he can do it. He doesn't need Christian, he just needs to breath in, breath out, and focus.
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Success! *cuddles*