Verbotene Liebe is back from its little holiday, and Olli is back to his regular role as "supportive pal for female character who is having relationship issues". It really is nice of them to ease us back in to the old routine so gently.
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Caro is the gal needing a friendly ear today, because it turns out the guy she's in love with just mows down pedestrians in his free time, but he can no longer do that because now he has a paralysing spinal injury meaning he can't drive anymore :( So he's in a bad mood. Olli advises her to just leave the whole thing alone, because it's a job for a professional.
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Caro takes half of this message on board, and Olli gets all sarcastic. "No, I have no problems I need to talk about at all by the way. The divorce is going great!" It's purely symbolic given Caro had already left the flat and he was sat there on his own, but I always appreciate bitchy Olli.
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And unfortunately that was the only scene with Olli in.
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Slow day.