My internet access has been so sucky these last couple of weeks, I think maybe it's as confused by VL's online mini-series to bridge the hiatus as I am.

Episode 10 had this though
 photo 23052014.jpg
It's gotta be hard to pick an outfit for the astral plane, I like someone who doesn't have "when in doubt, go for smart-casual" ingrained in their head.
(Brief recap for those who can't be bothered to watch the first 9 eps - there's a storm so people are all hanging out and getting drunk in the kitchen of the castle. Elizabeth and Justus nearly kissed but didn't, Sebastian kissed a sausage, and all the while the ghost of dead Arno Brandner keeps appearing to people to offer them advice, help and guidance etc. This is getting a bit odd now that he's meeting characters like Jessica and Sascha who don't know him, and are confusing him for God.)

 photo 23052014c.jpg
Also, Sascha has a secret, and on Arno's advice picked "Dare" in "Truth or Dare", so the group dared him to strip. Which is the worst dare ever. Dares are meant to be a way to pressure and coerce unwilling people into doing something they don't want to for the collective social group's amusement. Not "do what you basically do as your job now".

 photo 23052014b.jpg
Then, when he's grinding and stripping with Nico, a vicar turns up. I assume the writers watched a lot of Carry On films or something in preparation for writing this, but I love a bit of farce so no complaints from me. (Very tenuously related, but any person-walks-in-at-an-inopportune-moment moment always reminds of Graeme interrupting Tim and Bill learning to dance with an audio course on The Goodies.)

And then it's over. Meanwhile, Jo has been giving interviews in carparks about his appearance on VL's hopefully temporary replacement.
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He's happy they won the Quizduell because he's never won a quiz before *takes off my fantasy Pub Quiz team*

The 2nd of June and proper eps again cannot come soon enough.