(I hereby apologise for any prejudices and national stereotypes I propagate in this recap.)

It would be fair to say that Olli is not entirely as thrilled by the prospect of having the old No Limits back as Jessica, Andi and Sascha were expecting.
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All it does is induce another bout of Christian-flashbacks. "Oh, the memories!" cries Andi nostalgically. "Yeah, you could say that," says Olli miserably. "Let's have a drink!" says Andi encouragingly. "Woe is me, I thought the story of Christian and Olli would last forever!" says Olli sadly. "We kind of hoped you'd be a bit cheerier at this point," says Andi.
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"It's a new start. We'll create new memories here, you and me, we'll be the new Olli and Christian. I'm so much better for you than Christian, Olli. And I can store biros in my earlobes." Sascha says. (The first sentence of it with his mouth, the rest with his heart.)
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Olli remains unconvinced.
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He has no money, no licence, and none of this makes up for losing his old job. He leaves, and Andi and Sascha argue amongst themselves.

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Olli has some sadness to do. Just talking about having no bar licence has brought back memories of how Christian ruined his career by losing his licence for him at the old No Limits.
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And the awful scarves he used to wear.
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The weeping is inevitable.
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Never fear though, because Olli cheers himself and me up by getting his boobs out.

While Olli's busy doing that, Sascha and Andi are plotting how to get No Limits back. They have a two-pronged approach. Andi is dealing with getting the money off of Charlie. Sascha is tasked with finding a "subtle" way of getting Olli to want to run it. [spoiler]This will of course fail because, as covered previously, Germans don't do subtlety, not even in an emergency.[/spoiler]
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The first part of Captain Subtle's subtle plan, is to sneak up on Olli when Olli is out jogging. (German Subtlety = Accosting someone in the woods.)
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Part two, and this is where it gets ingenious folks, believe me, Sascha pretends to Olli that he and Andi are going to run No Limits instead. He uses lots of subtle phrases like "Well, I've been in lots of pubs, so how hard can it be?" to make it sound like he is serious about this and has thought it through. But Olli, as covered previously, has all the guile of a toddler, so takes all this at face value and tries to help Sascha realise what an awful idea that is.
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Part three, push ups with their faces almost touching. I have no idea how this fits with the No Limits plan...maybe to fluster Olli a little? Or to fit in with a wider plan Sascha has? Either way, there is still no subtlety to be seen anywhere near any of this.
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Olli is getting quite into it, trying to give Sascha all sorts of ideas about what they could do with No Limits, like break even and serve sandwiches.
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"Why are you grinning like that? ...Shit, you tricked me." And then after all that subtlety, it was Sascha's smile that gave the game away to Olli. Some might call that romantic. In a subtle way.

Sick of all the mind games, Olli goes off to see his Auntie Charlie and be slightly mean to John (should've joined him for a cocktail yesterday, John).
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Charlie says that actually maybe Andi and Sascha and her know what he needs better than he does at the moment. Olli doesn't know what to do without Christian, it's like the ground was ripped from under him. Charlie says she doesn't have anything gentle and kind to say, but life will go on and No Limits always kept him grounded when he had problems in the past, so maybe he should focus on that.

Back in No Limits, Andi and Sascha are arguing again. Andi thinks Sascha should've done better at being subtle. Sascha says if Andi is angry with him, he should just hit him, because in Germany, "as subtle as a punch to the face" is not as sarcastic or hyperbolic as one might imagine. In any case, I hope if Sascha and Olli do get together he doesn't take that approach to their relationship. I mean, domestic violence isn't, you know, good...really if he and Andi are going to keep getting involved in stolen goods and stuff, I wish they'd be a bit more like Delboy and Rodney.
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They throw blame and fault back and forth a bit, but then, what's that, omg, it's Olli!
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Charlie has succeeded where Sascha failed, and now Olli knows he does want No Limits after all. But Andi and Sascha have to help out, and this doesn't make everything okay, but he thanks them and they have drinks.
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