photo a.png
Olli is back from England, hooray! England was lovely, hooray! Christian was very understanding, hooray! They sorted everything out, hooray! They're getting divorced, hoo- what?!
 photo b.png
No, yeah, so that's over. Even Olli's attempts to wallow alone in sadness are thwarted by his clingy flatmates and Sascha in his undercrackers, so Olli wants to leave to go to work. With his marriage in tatters, his job is the only good thing left in his life now, the one thing keeping him going in this time of torment and pain and anguish, the lifebuoy he is grasping in this stormy sea of uncertainty that is the post-married world. Of course, he doesn't know yet that he has no job any more because while he was in England having a lovely time agreeing a divorce with understanding Christian, Sascha and Andi were hiding stolen laptops in No Limits and Policeman Frank found out and shut the place down. Cue Sascha and Andi guilty-faces...
 photo c.png
I think Andi does it better, but Sascha getting his nipples involved makes it a a close call. Anyway, they explain to Olli everything that happened, and he is not as full of understanding as Christian. He blames Sascha for everything - he has no job, he has no husband, and it's all Sascha's fault, everything has gone wrong since Sascha came into his life. Sascha protests, Olli gets a little aggressive and throws something at Sascha, Sascha gets sinister and threatening, Andi gets very protective and threatens Sascha on Olli's behalf.
 photo d.png
I am beginning to completely doubt my shotgun conversion to Sascha/Olli shipping, because "If you do that again I'll have to hurt you" is not really romantic. And Jessica is confused, presumably because Maxi's friends from toddler group are more mature than this.
 photo e.png

Andi is back on Team Sascha (or rather, Team Rational Common Sense Presented In A Blunt Uncomforting Manner) and tries to point out that really, the divorce isn't Sascha's fault because things had been shit between Olli and Christian for ages, they spent too much time apart. Olli's not entirely in the mood to listen, so tells Andi to get lost (admittedly in the much more polite, Olli-esque way of "Could you do me a favour and go to work now because I'd prefer to be alone").
 photo f.png
Over in LCL, Jessica's handling the other half of the dysfunctional twosome. Sascha says it's not his fault he's so sexy, and it's unfair for Olli to blame his crush on him for the end of the marriage. Jessica tries to point out that Olli isn't really blaming Sascha for the end of his marriage, he's just sad because he's lost everything that's important to him so he's lashing out. And if Sascha were a good friend, he'd support him anyway at this time when Olli needs him, not have a tantrum because Olli got moody.
 photo g.png
Sascha considers this.

Olli goes for one of his classic angsty walks of angsting. It's interspaced with flashbacks from happier times, and fightier times, and just all of the Christian times.
 photo h.png
There is no rain for this angsty walk, but there is plenty of moisture.
 photo j.png

Olli goes to see Charlie, she commiserates with him about No Limits and what an idiot Andi is, and he tells her he's getting divorced. Her reaction is basically "Oh, not again! Tell me everything."
 photo k.png
So we get a bit more detail. Olli went to see Christian to sort everything out, to tell him about Sascha and the One Night Stand, but Christian didn't even want to fight about it. He didn't care at all. Charlie doesn't know what to say, but if there's anything she can do to help, she will. Olli asks her for a job as a waiter.
 photo l.png
He has an interesting interpretation of what waiting tables entails, focussing mainly on carefully checking how much rum is in each cocktail.

Meanwhile, back at LCL, Sascha has been won round by Jessica's view and decides they should do something nice for Olli to cheer him up.
 photo n.png
Jessica suggests a party, but Sascha points out they'll have to strip again and it might get awkward and bring back memories so it's probably not a great plan.

In Schneiders, Olli is still drinking.
 photo o.png
But the Three Stooges have come up with something!
 photo p.png
It will surprise Olli and also cheer him up, it is flawless. Btw, if you are wondering where Dana is during all this, and why she isn't helping to cheer Olli up too, she's a bit busy because her ex-husband came back from the dead. It's a good excuse, and I think probably better she stays away from Olli because complaining "oh no, now I have two (almost) husbands, whatever shall I do!" when Olli's failed to hold on to one might seem a bit insensitive.

Sascha, Jessica and Andi head home to tell Olli about their brilliant idea, but he's busy throwing up his own weight in cocktails after Charlie sent him home for being drunk (and handsy).
 photo q.png
Olli is miserable. He thinks he's a loser. Jessica says he isn't. They have a surprise for him but he doesn't want it, unless it's Christian.
 photo s.png
It's not Christian, it's better than that...
 photo t.png
The old No Limits!! The people who bought it are bankrupt now or something, so it is perfectly ready to be re-commandeered by its one true owner: Gregor Olli!

In conclusion: I suppose if you're going to have a rebound relationship, it's best that it's with a café not a person. Speaking of rebounds, maybe Rafael could come back...