taversham: (turlough)
( 13 Mar 2014 17:32)

I will be honest: I only watched this because I love Russell Tovey like burning, so initially I was sad that he's not actually in it that much (at least in the first few episodes). But the show is good anyway. It's one of those things where I'm never 100% sure which characters I like or dislike, because they are all very sympathetic a lot of the time, but also all have their own ways of acting like complete jerks - they feel very real in that sense, but it's confusing to me because I'm used to my American shows having clearly defined 'goodies' and 'baddies', and this show makes me, ugh, think about things for myself ;)

I have slight trouble keeping track of all their names, so have had to give them all nicknames to help me like 'Moustache Man', 'Beardy Pervert', 'Sexy Older Gentleman', and 'Russell Tovey'. But broadly speaking there's Patrick(/Main One) who is adorable and relatable but so immature that sometimes I wonder how he functions. Richie(/Hottie), his fella, who was hot until he shaved and has some work to do to get comfortable in his own skin. Kevin(/Russell Tovey) who is in a long-distance relationship, but fancies Patrick and is his boss, and is not a werewolf. Dom(/Moustache Man) who has set up his own restaurant and likes much younger guys except for one old guy. Lynn(/Sexy Older Gentleman) who has a girls name but is really nice but and very supportive of Dom. Agustin(/Beardy Pervert) who has the least redeeming features, but I still feel sorry for because he's just immature like Patrick really, only with a less successful career and a greater lust for sex-workers. Frank(/Muscles) who is a sexy and well-rounded human being, and should find someone better than Agustin. And Doris(/Ooh, a woman!) who is female.

Obviously that's describing them all in a facetious way, but, despite not being easily definable as good or bad, the characters in this don't really have a lot of depth or complexity. They're not quite simply stereotypes either, just the minute there's any ambiguity about anyone's motives, it all has to be brought explicitly out in the open, usually with a monologue about feelings. Maybe it's just a cultural thing, that as a straight(...ish, I round up) British woman it's representing people who communicate in a more open way than I'm used to. But still, it feels faintly anti-climatic a lot.

Also, I have no ship. I mean, I enjoy watching hot guys go at it whoever they are, but in terms of emotional investment...none of them work for me really, except at a push Dom/Lynn. I feel like Patrick is too immature for either Richie or Kevin, both of whom have their own shit to deal with re: growing up a bit. I'm glad Richie was able to recognise their flaws, and Kevin would have to sort things out with his current boyfriend before anything could properly happen. ...For shallow reasons, I kind of hope Dom and Kevin get together, that'd be hot. idk, I like this show, I enjoy watching, but I'm somehow not sure how I feel about any of it yet.

The Following

In contrast to Looking where my feelings are vague and in contradictory directions, this show is just killing me with all the strongest feels. Ryan. Mike. Mike. Ryan. The push-and-pull. The protecting. The comforting. Mike is just so completely broken now. So is Ryan to be fair, but he has been since the beginning so I'd got used to it, but to see Mike turn from this enthusiastic, optimistic, adorable little thing into a jaded, ruthless mess of a man is horrible. Deborah's death was one thing, but then his dad as well...I just don't see how he can come back from that (for that reason amongst others I'm like, 90% sure he's going to be killed off this season). But if anyone can help him through it, Ryan can. And Max. I do love Max as a new character, she really portrays well that quandary of knowing that she's on the right side, but also being overwhelmed by what Ryan and Mike are doing.

The other storylines this season I'm less keen on really. Lily and her weird family never really seemed to go anywhere, and what's the point in having twins if you're not going to have them played by actual twins who kiss. Nice for Sam Underwood to get to show off his GCSE French though (I'm assuming). As for the Joe storyline, I hate how Emma has become so pathetic lately. I mean, I never liked her, but she used to kick arse, and now she's just a bit rubbish. Mandy on the other hand, I am fond of. But this whole thing with the cult is a bit rubbish. ...In two eps time, I'll probably think it's the best thing ever though, this show is like that.