There was a bit of hassle at Sascha's work (in case you didn't realise, the Von Lahnsteins are evil - but also nearly bankrupt), but it got resolved thanks to Marlene. Well, to be fair, Rebecca also had a plan for economising measures, but it was mostly "we won't pay the models, they're all just my friends anyway" so it looks like Olli has an excuse ready for next time he can't go to London.
 photo vl20140206a.jpg
Anyway, to celebrate it all working out fine, he has a celebratory drink with Olli.

Caro is also having some problems. She's in lo-ove. Olli gets play the "tell me more, tell me more, like does he have a car?"-role.
 photo vl20140206b.jpg
Or at least the "erm, obviously you fancy him, you're stirring your drink with a tissue"-one.
 photo vl20140206c.jpg
Less singing, more fond smirking. It's better for all of us really, because Olli can't sing. (Jo Weil can, but only only this from his autotuned Martine McCutcheon days.) Olli tries to stay focussed on this, but gets a bit distracted when Sascha turns up and starts playing with his balls.
 photo vl20140206e.jpg
Then ensues a long conversation, where Caro is talking about Thore, but Olli about Sascha, though she thinks he's talking about her and Thore. He accidentally says "we" instead of "you" once, but I think he got away with it.

A new day, a new conversation with Caro about her crush. But today, clever bunny that she is, she notices Olli's comments that have nothing to do with her and everything to do with him.
 photo vl20140206g.jpg
"I only fantasise about Christian." "You're an even worse liar than me." Olli confesses all, and comes up with a super plan - they have a pact not to promise not to be distracted by the distracting men in their lives.

A fine and noble plan, I'm sure you will agree. However singularly badly timed, as Jessica, Andi and Dana decided they all should take baby Max for a family swimming trip, leaving Olli with various Sascha-related hazards to avoid. First, in the changing room where it looks like they might have to share a cubicle.
 photo vl20140206h.jpg
Thankfully Olli is able to squeeze in with Ricardo, after Andi concedes.
 photo vl20140206i.jpg
But then Sascha appears anyway, to ask why Olli doesn't want to share with him :(
 photo vl20140206j.jpg
Olli makes time for a brief tribute to Tony Slattery to keep his mind off it.
 photo vl20140206k.jpg
And then they get in the pool, and things only get worse.
 photo vl20140206l.jpg
But you have to use your imagination for that, because the show decided we'd much rather see some drama with Dana and Ricardo instead. Redeemed only by baby Max being adorable, and Jessica kissing Dana.
 photo vl20140206m.jpg