Today on VL, Jessica eats a cake.
 photo vl050214a.jpg
She puts it down long enough to pick up a coffee, and to comfort Olli who is angsting about his new crush. "Oh, I do like him but I'm MARRIED, I can't strip with him, what about CHRISTIAN?" It's sweet that he's in such a tizzy about this, because Christian would have fucked Sascha over the back of the sofa by now (if Sascha were a woman, anyway - maybe that's what's next for them after they've finished stripping, a drag act...I'd pay to see that).
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Jessica reassures him that looking never killed anyone (she's not up on her Greek mythology), and Olli stresses that it's his nether-regions' perked interest that's the problem. Jessica valiantly avoids a spittake.
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Meanwhile, Sascha breaks the news to Andi and Emilio that he's signed them up for stripping duty too. Emilio is very eager to take his clothes off, so I imagine Olli will immediately fall in love with him. Andi is more reticent. "No, I can't, Bella will be well jell." is his excuse, which literally no one buys, but even the offer of money and the reminder of all Olli has sacrificed for him won't talk him around.
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Sacha and Emilio are left alone with their greater commitment to Olli and their Burrito Mania. Emilio understands why Andi might be embarrassed to strip, but Sascha can't believe anyone would let their friend down like this.
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But he then throws away the moral highground by having an affair with Jessica's cake.
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Olli appears shirtless to provide, a view which Sascha admires while eating for a full-sensory experience.
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Unfortunately, such is Olli's newfound stripper-kink that he gets so flustered by his own half-nakedness that he accidentally puts on Jessica's shirt.
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Sascha doesn't care though, he is too busy deriding Andi for being such an arsehole to his friend. He says that Olli is lovely and wonderful and perfect, and who wouldn't want to strip for him and that Andi should sop being a complete bellend for five minutes (...some of it subtextually, I admit). Olli tells Sascha not to pressure Andi into stripping, and Sascha falls in love with him, but asks why he's wearing women's clothes. (I told you already, drag act, watch this space.)

Sascha respects Olli's wishes not to pester Andi, but instead goes to Bella. "Would you be jealous if Andi stripped for some women?"
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With that sorted out, Sascha and Bella doubleteam Andi (not like that) and talk him into stripping.
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Olli is touched. And aroused. Touched and aroused. With all four of them on board, it's time to start stripper practice.
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At this scene I got a little bit confused, because I had always assumed the German word "strippen" meant "to strip", and not "to attempt to perform a slightly awkward square dance". But it must be like "shooting" and "public viewing" which have completely different meanings auf Deutsch than you'd expect from English. This fully explains Sascha's clothed attempt yesterday, and also why Andi was so horribly embarrassed at the prospect. Anyway, they remain dressed and awkward for a bit before Emilio is overcome and runs away, and Andi makes up some excuse to leave too. Leaving Sascha alone to molest Olli, who reacts like he's never had a hand on his hintern before.
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Oh, wait, maybe "strippen" does mean "stripping" after all!
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(A slight note to VL sound people, if an actor has to strip in a scene where they don't have to speak and music is playing, make them take off their mic before their clothes - then you don't get that annoying rustling noise as they undress.)
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And then Olli came.