I haven't really watched Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden in a little while. Not regularly since Edwin died (not because I was espeially specially fond of Edwin, though I did like him, I just thought the way that whole storyline went was awful). But Stefano is apparently coming back this month, so I've been watching the "Shorties" on Youtube so I'll know when to start with the full episodes again.

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Bas Muijs, luring me into watching awful television since...ever.

Some things in the Shorties are not a surprise. Rik seems to have done a murder, Wiet has been let out of the asylum, Lucas has a new fella. All fine.

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Hopefully Stefano will spend all his time half-naked like this. There must be changing rooms at the Sanders mansion, for the pool or something. He could have all his scenes in there. Better yet, Lucas and Stefano could have a father-son pool party. Then Ludo comes in all jealous that he wasn't invited and Stefano has to placate him - maybe with that massage he promised him all those years ago, but never gave him because he was too busy boning Ludo's wife... I don't know why they don't let me write this show.

But, to come back to the title of this post, what the hell happened to Bianca? The immediate visual answer is that she's been recast. That's fine. Actually, not fine, because I really liked the old Bianca, but recasts happen, I can live with it. But what happened to turn her from a strong, understanding, loving person, into someone who cries hysterically for ages after she got very lightly accidentally hit in the face and then gets her husband wrongfully arrested?

I gather her brother died and all, but...Old!Bianca stood up for what was right all the time, even after her son had died, so I can't see what would happen to turn her into someone so simpering and malicious. That's more than a recast, that's a whole new character.

It's a shame, because I really liked the first Bianca... Oh well, I'm sure I'll get used to the new one. Or fastforward through her, can't imagine she'll have many scenes with Stefano.

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"Go to your son." "You are my son." "No, I'm your brother." "Whoever you are, I love you. Take my hand." - Whether you prefer brother/brother or father/son incest, this is the OTP for you, because they're both! God bless soap operas.